Welcome to our web site! Thank you for taking the time to learn more
about our firm. Since 2006, the Law Firm of Mark E. Porter, LLC, has
represented both individual and corporate clients throughout Ohio and
the United States in resolving their legal issues successfully and at the
lowest possible cost. By applying rigorous energy, experience, and
resourcefulness to every client matter, the Firm is dedicated to
achieving the best possible outcome for its clients.
Areas of Legal Expertise:
Mark E. Porter established the Firm as an independent entity after seven
years of practicing law at two of Cleveland's major law firms. Since its
inception, the Firm has garnered a reputation for aggressively representing
clients in legal disputes both in Ohio and beyond. The Firm has a wealth of
experience in various areas of the law, and works to resolve its clients legal
issues at the lowest cost possible. Often times, we can resolve disputes
without filing a law suit. Business counseling is often an effective means to
prevent litigation.
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